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February 9, 2021

Secretary - Payroll Clerk Clerk - steno Receptionist - Clerk Construction Inspector Shop...Manager Shop Foreman District Road supervisor ...

AP-00-0477-501 McCann v. Dieck's.pdf

October 18, 2023

(July 5, 2023) at 16; see also id. at 23....Hufford on February 21, 2023, and complained of low back pain radiating into the...(July 5,...

AP-00-0474-818 Meierhoff v American Food and Vending Corp..pdf

August 11, 2023

as the ALJ, consisting of the transcript of Preliminary Hearing, held March 9, 2023...the transcript of Evidentiary Deposition of Michelle Meierhoff, taken March 7,...

AP-00-0472-788 Cregger v CLW Farms Inc..pdf

June 8, 2023

The Board heard oral argument on April 27, 2023. APPEARANCES Jeff K....I was standing up in a grain wagon, down in it, and I was on top loading...

AP-00-0474-911 Piva v. Russell Stover Chocolates, LLC.pdf

July 17, 2023

CASUALTY CO. ) Insurance Carrier ) ORDER Claimant requests review of the April 6, 2023...the ALJ, consisting of the transcript of the Preliminary Hearing held April 6,...

AP-00-0476-013 Gamboa v. Dunkin Donuts.pdf

September 14, 2023

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Ali Marchant's preliminary hearing Order, dated June 1, 2023...On January 25, 2023, Dr. Pratt issued an addendum...

75-UE-17-1973 Certification of Representative.pdf

February 9, 2021

I Photographer II Photo Type Setter Pressman Print Shop Apprentice Printer...I Photographer II Photo Type Setter Pressman Print Shop...

AP-00-0475-071 Huscio v. General Motors.pdf

August 11, 2023

the ALJ, consisting of the: (1) preliminary hearing transcript, held April 19, 2023...Trans., Rosenthal IME Report (dated Feb. 25, 2023) at...