Weekly Claims Questions Update (6/12/20)

by Audri Smith | Jun 12, 2020

Issues surrounding Questions 11 & 12 on the weekly claims this week are resolved and payments have processed. We are aware these federally required questions caused some confusion for claimants filing their weekly claims. We hope this information helps claimants in answering these questions going forward.

We apologize for the confusion when these questions reappeared and assure you that if that was the only issue you had on your claim, it has now processed. We know this is a stressful time for many.


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  1. Palama spotwood | Jul 06, 2020
    have they stop the Extra $600
  2. Janice Moler | Jul 06, 2020
    my last 2 checks are stopped probable of this 2 questions. How do I straighten this out?
  3. Tommy Tibbets | Jul 02, 2020
    I got the letter about how much i will receive  but no card when will i receive my card 
  4. Marie Johnson | Jun 30, 2020
    i am a substitute teacher who worked last in March but received a paycheck in May. I don’t know if Im eligible for    benefits. I tried to apply on the          website but can’t remember my password.  I received benefits 7 years ago and i don’t have the same email address  and dont remember it. Therefore, I    can’t get my password. I’ve called      everyday for help, over 50 times per.  day for a week beginning at 8am and get same recording. I need help!        Please. 
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  6. Eric Howard | Jun 28, 2020

    I have yet to receive my unemployment I filed for over a week ago, did I do something wrong during the process of the filing? Please respond to my email, I have tried to call all four of the telephone numbers provided on the website everyday multiple time a day, and just keep getting the same recording.


    Please Help

  7. Curtfarha | Jun 26, 2020
     I haven't received my weekly benefits. I am a union iron worker. im able to work
  8. Edward McClellan | Jun 18, 2020
    why haven't I received my payment yet
  9. Connie Wolfe | Jun 16, 2020
    im looking for the email address for unemployment
  10. Bevetly samms | Jun 15, 2020
    i need to talk to a self unemployment agent.
  11. Angelia Hurd | Jun 14, 2020
    The new questions confused me,and didnt understand why payment wasnt recieved,please contact me if future problems exist and i wont be recieving my payment

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    Duplicate payment hotline: (785) 580-2602  Duplicate payment email: KDOL.DuplicateConcerns@ks.gov
    Important Numbers Outside KDOL

    The application for PEUC – Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation – is now available atwww.GetKansasBenefits.govSelect the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation button and apply. If you have been filing weekly claims, once approved, any benefits owed should start processing. If you have not been filing weekly claims, the PEUC file weekly claims function will be functional this coming week. Updates will be posted on social media and our website.

    While our team has worked to avoid any functionality issues within the program, if one does arise, the program may be temporarily disabled to correct the issue. Any updates will be posted on social media and our website.

    PUA payments began processing on May 26. Direct deposits typically take 2 business days, depending on your bank, to arrive in accounts. Debit cards must be made by Bank of America and mailed to new claimants, taking 7-10 days, depending on the mail.

    The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), which provides an additional $600 weekly payment for unemployment insurance claimants, went live starting Thursday, April 23.  The retroactive payments for prior weeks after the law went into effect on March 29, 2020, began paying out on May 7, 2020.