Continuing Education Policy

All attendees seeking credits must sign in at the continuing education table before attending sessions. Directions for documentation and evaluation materials are provided at sign-in. Read and follow the directions carefully. Attendance is documented. Time is deducted for late arrival and early departure. Failure to sign in may result in the loss of credits.

Registration and attendance does not guarantee the award of continuing education credits. Attendees are responsible for compliance with their occupation’s crediting requirements.

Attorneys: Affidavits completed at the seminar must meet eligibility to be reported to the Kansas Continuing Legal Education Commission (KS CLE). To qualify for submission, the attorney must be a paid and registered attendee and have signed in on the Kansas Attorney Roster.

Attorneys are responsible for tracking their own credits as posted by the KS CLE and The Missouri Bar.

Other Continuing Education:
If you are licensed or certified in an occupation that is not pre-approved and need proof of attendance to file for credits on your own, you must sign in at the continuing education table before you attend sessions. Directions for documentation are provided at sign-in.

Prior Documentation Information:
Depending on your occupation, it could be several years before you need to submit credit documentation. Reissuing documentation can be done for up to five years from the date you attended.

If you have questions about continuing education or need past documentation, send a request to KDOL.wcseminar@ks.gov.